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Inspirations for Harp Players

Single or Double Strung

Welcome to the realm of creative ideas for lever and double strung harps!

You are invited to join my English speaking community of harp players, may you play the one row lever (or pedal)  or the double strung harp, no matter which level you are at right now.

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Here is YOUR Invitation: Enter the world of musical freedom and fluent expression using the language of sounds

Improvisation and composition for both single and double strung harps are my favourite landscapes in playing our awesome instrument.

I would be so happy to share with you some of my discoveries and help you to explore your own favourite places.

There are so many easier and more intuitive ways to improvise than just Jazz or Blues!

I have been travelling through the land of sound and music for more than 50 years and would not want to miss a single day of my explorations.

And now you have the chance to choose me as your travel guide on your indiviual journey with your harp,

  • learn more about intuitive improvisation with the minimalistic ideas of the "Seedlings for single and double strung harp"
  • attend upcoming online classes
  • watch pre-produced video tutorials
  • get English editions of my sheet music

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Stefanie's Ko-Fi Page

Online Resources

On my Ko-Fi-Page I am creating a flourishing collection of online resources for you to pick from whatever fills your actual needs and combine intuitive and cognitive ways of developing a fluent and free way of expressing yourself on your instrument:

  • "Seedlings" (minimalistic ideas to get you started for playing intuitively without the dots)
  • video tutorials
  • online classes
  • sheet music
  • 1:1 lessons or individual feedback videos as a booster for your progress
  • music videos showing my compositions and improvisations

Stefanie's Ko-Fi-Page

Stefanie Bieber, harp teacher

Who is Stefanie Bieber?

I am a freelance musician and music teacher.

Together with my husband Matthias and my little dog Karlchen I live in Frankfurt am Main/ Germany,  but we spend a lot of our days in our second "home" in Sweden

I love to inspire people by playing, improvising, composing and teaching harp music, especially on double strung harp.

My Story in short

Interesting enough I didn't take up the harp before reaching my 30ies, I originally studied classical flute and instrumental teaching in Frankfurt and felt that I had to gain back the joy of playfulness in music after finishing my studies. I wanted to make a complete new start and chose the lever harp as my new instrument.

Today the harp is my choice when it comes to express the music that fills my heart and I dedicated myself to teaching adults how to find their individual and unique way to express what they need to express through music.

After several years of limiting myself to the German speaking harp community I now have decided to reach out to the English speaking harp world as well to share my experience, inspiration and knowledge with you.

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