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Double Spring

For Double Strung Harp

Versions in F, G and Eb including sheet music, a pattern table and lead sheets for all three keys, all in all 26 pages.

This composition explores one of several stylistic option the double strung harp offers, using the "weaving" technique in different picking patterns.

Level: Easy to Intermediate

PDF: 8 € (payment with paypal possible for orders from outside Europe)

You can order the PDF, just send me a message using the Contact Form  or  using the Order Form  for immediate delivery of the download link (sorry for being in German only).

After check out you will receive an automatic invoice and the download link, but I will send you information for my paypal account for payment from outside Europe manually.

Customer Reviews

Teddy J. writes:

" It is probably my favourite piece for the double strung"

Shannon S. writes:

"studying Double Spring and Kairos have helped me find techniques to make my improvisations and arrangements on a double harp more interesting and beautiful.  It is a lot different than single harp, a whole dimension more beautiful!"

You can listen to this piece opening the mp3 below (sorry for beining in midi quality).

Video is coming soon.

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