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Mystical Five

A polyrhythmic brain twister for Double Strung Harp (also playable on single row harps)

Versions in Cm for large double strung harps (lowest note: c) and Dm for small double strung harps like  (lowest note g), including sheet music, playing- and practice- instructions, rhythm pattern tables

14 pages of content!

BONUS: If you buy the sheet music of the piece you get access to a collection of videos where you can learn about some basic ideas how to approach the piece, the "table writing method" to get the structures into your visula brain, the use of rhythm syllables and how to practice polyrhythmicla structures step by step to get them from the brain to the body (45 Minutes of video material)

This composition explores some of the stylistic options the double strung harp offers, using polyrhythmical structures of fives.

Level: Advanced!

PDF: 10 € (payment with paypal possible for orders from outside Europe, I will send payment information after the ordering process)

You can order the PDF, just send me a message using the contac form  or  using the order form  for immediate delivery of the download link (sorry for being in German only).

After check out you will receive an automatic invoice and the download link, but I will send you information for my paypal account for payment from outside Europe manually.

Customer Reviews

Jane I. writes:

"Your pieces are lovely and will be appropriate brain twisters"

You can listen to this piece opening the mp3 below (sorry for beining in midi quality).

Dieses Projekt wurde gefördert durch ein Stpendium der Gema im Rahmen des "Neustart Kultur" Programms der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

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